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Items froguin97 owns

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0. Welcome to my TL/WL!

Last updated: September 2023

If you're in the r/neopets discord server, find me there! My username is Luminalis :)

Feel free to NM me if you're interested in a trade! I try to respond within a day but sometimes I forget or I'm trying to think of how best to respond and get distracted. I would love to work a trade out with you, but I need a bit of patience in return :) And please send me a follow-up NM if I don't get back to you! I promise I respond to every mail!

I use /~Owls and offering:seeking ratios for values. I am definitely open to negotiation, especially on items that have been re-released, but I ask that you not overvalue your own items and undervalue mine (not usually a problem but everyone gets some rude offers now and again)!

Any numbers you see on items are quantities, not values

If you see something not in my 2:1 list that you have seen in other 2:1 lists, feel free to ask about a 2:1!

Anything higher in value than ~3 I put in my highlights section

I can offer a custom on items valued at ~10 as long as it isn't too box heavy as I am perpetually low on boxes ;u;

Thanks for reading all that, now let's trade :D

P.S. thank you to all the incredibly kind and lovely folks who have sent me gifts! I have to show them off somewhere since they make me smile! :) (and no, these aren't UFT! just here to look pretty c: )

This list is empty.

001. HTPW (not accepting GBCs)

Pretty stuff that I like and may be a little reluctant to trade
However, everything here is actually up for trade and you're more than welcome to offer on it, I might be a little pickier when it comes to trading these items though! I'm not asking for an over-offer, but I'll only trade this stuff for my 'actively seeking' wishes, not my casual wishes or GBCs

This list is empty.

1. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

2. Foregrounds, Garlands, and Trinkets

This list is empty.

3. Wigs, Makeup, & Accessories

This list is empty.

6. On a Side Account

These items are on various side accounts and may or may not have boxes available. My side accounts are all linked on my UL: froguin_97, froguin97_, froguin97, and trumpcoup (the black sheep of the family lol). These items will come from one of those four accounts unless I have a duplicate on my main :)

This list is empty.

7. 2:1 sale

Any 2 items for 1 gbc (pls, I'm perpetually low on boxes)

Can also do 3/4:1 for a bfgbc, 1:1 FQC, or 1:1 item from your own 2:1 list

This list is empty.

999. Reserved for a Trade

Items here are reserved for a trade in progress so I don't forget! If you see an item here and in a different list at the same time, that means I have a duplicate

This list is empty.

Items froguin97 wants

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Pending trades! From a glitch, delay, or the world exploding next week

This list is empty.

0. Highest Priority, I'll Give You My Firstborn Child

These are keystone items in a custom - I can't go forward without them! Because of that, I am happy to over-offer (within reason, we're not going crazy here), hunt down your wishes, or make a blood sacrifice and summon your WL items. If someone has asked me to hunt down a wish for an item here, I put that wish in here as well :)

This list is empty.

1. Priority Items

Anything listed here I plan to use in a custom and am eager to trade for!

Things in this list range from 1-3 caps in value

Sometimes I forget to move a more valuable item into my "expensive" list. That's just me making a mistake in placement, not me disagreeing with it being valued higher :)

This list is empty.

3. Hoping to find in a 2:1

Looking to get these items as 2:1 for a GBC/mystery cap or 1:1 FQC/dyepot
I put things here that I've seen in other people's 2:1 lists, items that have fewer than 5 people looking for them, or items that have about a 1:100 ratio on DTI
I may not always be able to offer GBCs for these items so apologies if I turn down a trade offer :( This list is empty.

4. Expensive Dream Items

I would love to use these items in customs but they have some hefty price tags! It would make my week to trade for them, but I don't think my TL is robust enough to have a decent offer. But if you think we could work out a trade, please send me a NM :)

This list is empty.

5. Casually Seeking

Items that i'm curious about but probably aren't involved in a planned custom. Probably not seeking but feel free to ask!. I am perpetually low on boxes so I'm not usually able to trade for these items, butthere are plenty of things here that i'm interested in eventually trading for :) Not offering my highlights list towards these items, sorry!

This list is empty.

999. NP Reminders

Dress to Impress
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