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Items froguin97 owns

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0. Welcome to my TL/WL!

Last updated: February 2023

Feel free to NM me if you're interested in a trade! I try to respond within a day (gotta do those daily food club bets) but sometimes I forget or I'm trying to think of how to respond - especially if it's the weekend and I'm channeling my inner sloth. I would love to work a trade out with you, but I need a bit of patience in return :)

I use /~Owls for values. I am definitely open to negotiation, but if your personal value on an item differs wildly, we might not be able to come to an agreement

Any numbers you see on items are quantities, not values

If you see something not in my 2:1 list that you have seen in other 2:1 lists, feel free to ask about a 2:1!

Anything higher in value than ~3 I put in my highlights section

I can offer a custom for anything valued at 5 caps or less

Current box status: 10ish

This list is empty.

001. On Main (HTPW)

Pretty stuff that I like and may want to hold on to. Some items are definitely not UFT, but others could be traded for a good offer, so feel free to shoot your shot! Worst I can say is no :p

This list is usually private, so if you can see it, I'm probably trying to make a trade work (maybe even ours!)

This list is empty.

2. Foregrounds, Garlands, and Trinkets

This list is empty.

5. 2:1 sale

Any 2 items for 1 gbc (pls, I'm perpetually low on boxes)

Can also do 3/4:1 for a bfgbc, 1:1 FQC, or 1:1 item from your own 2:1 list

For non-wearables I have:
Neopets 22nd Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Bubblebee Mine Goodie Bag

This list is empty.

999. Reserved for a Trade

Items here are reserved for a trade in progress (usually because of lag)

This list is empty.

Items froguin97 wants

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1. Actively Seeking

Anything listed here I plan to use in a custom and am eager to trade for!

Things in this list range from 1-3 caps in value

Sometimes I forget to move a more valuable item into my "expensive" list. That's just me making a mistake in placement, not me disagreeing with it being valued higher :)

This list is empty.

999 NP Reminders

NP items I plan to buy eventually. If you have any of these to sell at a reasonable, non-inflated price, feel free to shoot me a NM :)

This list is empty.
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