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0) Welcome & Non-wearables

Please feel free to neomail me if you see an item you're interested in trading for, but please do give me at least 24hrs to get back to you with some kind of response, after that, feel free to send me another message!

General Guidelines
I use /~Waka for values, some items I may value more or less than the guide, but feel free to inquire
99 represents kinda hard to part with (not impossible though) & 21 represents 2:1 items
Items that have #099 or #021 are showing quantity and HTPW/2:1_
Any other numbers represent quantity.

Boxes Available - 4
GBC Quantity - 0 (Desperately in Need)

Non-Wearables UFT
NC Mall 12th Birthday Iridescent Mystery Capsule x:##
Dye Works Hue Brew Potion
12th Birthday Cupcake of Iridescence
Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Colourful Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
Money Tree Cupcake

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00) Dyework Lends

These are not UFT, they are 2:1 for GBC or dyepot

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1) Backgrounds || Background Items

This list is empty.

4) Clothing || Shoes || Accessories

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XXX) NC Currently In Gallery/Closet/SDB

These items are usually NEVER UFT, I may open them as an option on rare occasions.

If I have opened this section please understand the following values I put on the items:
» 999 - never UFT.......unless it's for a dream.....maybe......
» 222 - these were gifts from beautiful people and aren't going anywhere :)
» 99 - extremely HTPW
» Other #'s - My value & qty (i.e. 101- 1 qty/1 cap, 1012- 1 qty/1-2 cap, etc & 1000 - 1qty, 2000 - 2qty, etc)
If you have any questions, please feel free to nm me!

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Items Aimierre wants

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00) Always Seeking

I am always seeking these items:

Archive Cookies

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01) Dreams

These are - as stated - Dreams. Some of them I am trying to replace after having gifted them to other friends, others are just pretties that I am staring at from afar.

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02) Needed for Customs!!!

These are for current customs in progress:

Voodoo Queen - Black Veined Contacts and Makeup and Crystal Necklaces
Guide of the Underworld - The Three Collectors Cloak, Gothic Snowbunny Handheld Plushie, and Spooky Shenkuu Sunset Background

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04) Priorities!

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05) Casually Seeking

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06) Low Priority

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