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Items Sparkie owns

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3. Main Account UFT

Items marked 21 are part of my 2:1 sale for GBCs. However, I might have made mistakes. Anything that is not 1-2 caps in value are incorrectly marked. Please let me know if you notice anything. Thank you!

This list is empty.

4. Closet

Items that I tend to use pretty often, but feel free to offer still! Stuff with a 99 are HTPW/Part of permanent customizations.

This list is empty.

5. Side Accounts UFT

Numbers are for my own reference!

I don't always have boxes on my sides, so GBCs might sometimes be necessary for a trade!

I have a bunch of random buyables/lame items that no one cares about... so if you really wanted, I could see if I have them on my sides.

This list is empty.
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