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~ Hi ! NM is always welcome if you want to make an offer !! I try to respond to everyone and am online frequently- but I don’t have a lot of time some days and I have a ton of ADHD so please send a second NM if I haven’t responded within 24 hours and you still want to hear back!
I may decline fair trades for items outside of wishlists 1 & 2 depending on how many boxes I have.
I am almost always seeking gbcs for my 2:1! I sometimes have custom, just ask! ~

66 = UFT, but in use and I may not have access to customization to remove them if I'm on my phone
22 = on a side account, which may or may not have boxes
99 = Only UFT for highest priority wishes (99)
All other numbers are quantities !

Nonwearables seeking:
Sparkling negg dust

Nonwearables/old caps/etc. UFT!!
Training fortune cookie
Pinwheel gbc
Pastel paisley gbc
Money tree mystery capsule
Money tree cupcake
Winter couture mystery capsule
Minty green mystery capsule
Light shower gbc
Flower barrow gbc
8th birthday rainbow cupcake
8th birthday tied with a bow cupcake
Flowery valentine goodie bag
Captain threelegs mystery capsule (22)
14th Birthday Ona Cake
14th Birthday Fairgrounds Cake
14th Birthday Fairgrounds Wish Candle
Strawberry Surprise Retired Mystery Capsule
NC Mall 14th Birthday Ona Mystery Capsule
Pretty Pink Drink Mystery Capsule
(9th birthday candy cupcake) This list is empty.

4. Upper/lower foregrounds / garlands / filters

This list is empty.

Items feuillys wants

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2. Medium priority

Dress to Impress
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