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3) Buyables

Everything 2:1 GBCube (or 4:1 if your GBC gives me the LE).

Almost all of these I have more than 1 of. Just ask if you require more.

Quantity is my reference for which account the item is coming from.

This list is empty.

4) Misc. & Non-Wearables UFT

My sister's TL is also UFT towards my wishes, as well as GBC/custom.


Because DTI doesn't keep track of non-wearable items, here's a separate list:


GBCs with a different ID are indicated with a 5-digit quantity, which is its ID number. These are the 150 NC sale GBCs, and they appear as a separate item in albums/SDB/gallery. This is mainly for collectors.

Items not indicated with a cap value - I am willing to do 2:1 GBCube.

Items listed here are the prizes obtained from opening certain goodie bags.

This list is empty.

9.2) HTP

Most are high-valued, some or not; regardless, any offer for item(s) from this section will be given priority if you have items from the "A Priority" section.

Quantity is my reference for which account the item is coming from.

This list is empty.

Items _naomi_ wants

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Very Casually Seeking

If you do not agree with value guide estimates, just as I do not for a lot of my items, please let me know how you value your item(s). I'm willing to work it out with you.
We can discuss & negotiate.

Not actively seeking these yet.
Mainly as fillers until I'm done with the above sections, or before I move 'em up.

This list is empty.

Will Buy: NP WL

I only buy off of the TP, no matter if buyable or not.

Throw a Shimmery Seagrass at me if you have these for sale and I will contact you.

This list is empty.
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