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Items sulfurbutterfly owns

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hello! ~

hi there! i'm natalie! c:

i am 1OO% always up for a trade. please show me your wl if you have something i'm seeking
most of my 'nice items' are closeted, but i trade from my closet frequently
so please show me your wishes if you have anything i'm seeking!!

nms are pretty glitchy; please assume i did not get your mail if you did not get a reply

last updated: february 2O23

boxes: 12 | gbcs: O | custom: O nc
always seeking gbcs & lab+fqc! ;-;

This list is empty.

highlights + htpw

items marked 99 are very htpw
i'd prefer to put them toward priority wishes
things here are either popular, more htf, or just htpw

This list is empty.

regular uft

nicer items on my main acct
not quite highlights, not quite 2:1

This list is empty.

some 2:1 stuff

we know how 2:1s work
wtb stock in upcycle cookies pls

This list is empty.

Items sulfurbutterfly wants

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2. priority wishes

what do you want for these? i'd love to add them to my closet!
9 is higher priority; anything after the 9 is quantity, if applicable

This list is empty.

3. casual wishes

oh look, more things i need - and this isn't even the giant hidden wl of shame!

This list is empty.

ultimate wishes

items i've adored since i began nc trading, but do not own.
these are mostly higher-cap items i'm working towards.

This list is empty.

why are these np items so cute?

a collection of cute little np items i'd like to get someday
no rush, but if you have any at a decent price, please feel free to nm me!
i've a tendency to spend all my np, so i can't promise i'll buy, but... yeah

also seeking
(my jn is probably super out of date but all my cute stuff goes to my gallery so if it ain't in there i need it;
aka natalie hoards but natalie is also lazy and can't ever be bothered to update her lists, sorry)

This list is empty.
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