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Items hunneypot owns

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Last Updated: February 2023 | Time Zone: EST (NST + 3)

HELLO! (waves) Thanks for dropping by & I look forward to hearing from you! Happy & safe trading!

New to NC Trading then check out this link Neocash Hub to get started!

Please do not waste my time to contact me about a trade & not wait for a reply before contacting someone else.
If you send a trade offer in the middle of the night or at any time for that matter I cannot reply until I see it later in the day. Give me a chance at least to reply as I will usually get back to you within 24 hours. Btw, my inbox is not full despite what TNT says. I will be kind & patient with you but I expect the same in return! After all we both just want a new shiny pixel to enjoy & Neo is supposed to be a safe place! Remember we all have feelings so do your best to treat everyone with love, kindness & respect as we never know what battle someone is facing in their life. Thank you for your time & may your day be filled with much love & many blessings that you can hardly contain it! Be safe & stay well!

A HUGE THANK YOU to my wonderful friends, gifters & kind traders for making my NC/NP dreams possible!

This list is empty.



Will LEND for a small wish when extra boxes are available. Hope you get the colour you are wishing for!

~~~~ There are currently NO NEW items to dye. ~~~~

JN Guide:

{These originals are NFT unless I have a double then it will be under Up 4 Trades section.}

This list is empty.

*TL: NP 4 NP

Seeking offer in NPs or offer a NP item or a combination of the two. Thanks!

Full NP Wish List:

Note: NP items are meant for NP trades/sales. NP ITEMS ARE TO NEVER BE OBTAINED WITH NC ITEMS!

This list is empty.


Seeking all WL & open to Upcycle/Archive/FQ Cookies, DW Potions, or 2:1 GBC when boxes are available so just ask!

Items marked 555/999 are mostly for priority & dream items but just ask. Please forgive if I am picky with these!


All Non-Wearable UFT NC:

This list is empty.

Items hunneypot wants

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Last Updated: February 2023 | Time Zone: EST (NST + 3)


My WL on JN is to keep track of new items & goals. This list is always updated & opened for trades!

Current Wishlist:

I am seeking all these shiny pixels but am focusing on my most wanted wishes from Priority & One Fine Day so I might be picky with offers even fair ones! Thanks so much & all the best to you & please keep each other safe!!

~ ~ ~ ~ * SEEKING: *HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!* LOL * ~ ~ ~ ~

This list is empty.


Please let me know if you have any of these UFT as I would love to surprise my dear friends!
{Numbers are for my reference. Thanks!}

This list is empty.


I needs em, I wants em..... MY PRECIOUSSSSS!!!!

HELP! I am boxless plus I need 3 GBCs to finish a trade. NM for info & thank you!


Black Friday GBCs: Kaleidoscope Dreams - ID 81979 | Fall Forager - ID 83168 | Munching Meepits ID 84615

Feel free to share your TL/WL with me as I love to browse & I wish you & yours a beautiful day!

This list is empty.


One day I hope to be blessed with owning these dreamy items!

There are not enough words to express my joy right now! THANK YOU to my beautiful dear friend who gifted me Holiday Fireplace Background on Sept 24, 2020. Of all the pixels in the world this one probably means the very most to me & has been a dream for so many very long years! (big hugs) Love & many blessings to you my sweet friend!

OH WOW you did it again! (cries) On Sept 27, 2020 Dark Lace Dress was crossed off my list of Total Dream Items to make it complete when I was surprised yet again. I am knocked stunned & am still picking my jaw up off the floor! How in the world can I ever express this overwhelming joy? Really there are no words just that you truly are a blessing & I am forever grateful for such a treasure as your loving friendship! THANK YOU so very, very much! (many more hugs) Lots of love & blessings to my angel friend as you truly are Heaven sent!

A heartfelt THANK YOU is in order to my sweet angel of a friend for making Christmas 2021 so special! Not only did you spoil me - no matter how much I protested! lol - but I was also surprised with my very own MiniMME18-S2a: Galactic Traveller Wig! I am over the moon! This is one of my most fave wigs & now I own em all! SO THRILLED!! Lots of blessings & much love to you & your family now & always!

Well a speechless moment & a few tears followed the wonderful surprise I received on May 31, 2022. My beautifully, amazingly, totally outrageously awesome neo bestie sent me Meridell Team Sets Sail Background! THANK YOU so much my loving angel friend! Much love & many more blessing are being sent your way today & always!

This list is empty.


March is mine & my pets Koradel's, Abby_Rose's & Water_Lillie's birthday month!
We are wishing for these items plus GBCs, DW Potions & Upcycle/FQ Cookies. If you would kindly like to make our wishes come true that would be wonderful!

Koradel also asked me to wish for NP items like books & red codestones plus the Baby Magical Galaxy Markings for their little sister Berrie_Nut. She is always included in every celebration!
{The NP items are marked 8.}

~~Seeking: Chocolate Always!~~

This list is empty.


I will trade other items to obtain these not only my TL: DW 4 DW!
This list excludes colour specific items.

This list is empty.


Full NP Wish List:

Note: NP items are meant for NP trades/sales. NP ITEMS ARE TO NEVER BE OBTAINED WITH NC ITEMS!

This list is empty.
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