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* Last Updated: October 2017

Disclaimer: I will sometimes turn down fair trades due to box count, how often I use an item, priority of my wishes being offered, rarity, etc. Trading is a pastime I enjoy and I'm happy to entertain mostly any offers. Just please do not be offended or feel your time was wasted if I turn down a fair offer - I have spent a lot of time and money on my NC collection so I reserve the right to be picky at times. :) Thanks for your understanding.

Please note that I only offer 2:1 deals from my 2:1 list. Please do not ask for special deals on items that are not within that section. Also note that the 2:1 deal applies to gift box cubes only, and not item trades.


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Regular Trade List

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All items here are 2 for 1 Gift Box CUBE - you choose two items from this list and send me a gift box capsule that guarantees two boxes in exchange.
I will also trade 1:1 for OLD gift box capsules (guarantees one box).

Sale applies when offering gift box capsules/cubes only.

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