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Items hottshot_anyway owns

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Closet/Very HTPW

These items are only uft for items I am desperate for. I am not offended if you offer on them though :3

— Please note this are really only for RARE WL items or High Priority! Happy see offers on them but reason for decline (if I do) is for that reason. Thanks for understanding :)

FLUSHED BLUSH AND GALAXY SWIRL WIG ONLY UFT FOR JHUDORAS BODYGUARDS - atm (if/when traded for and these are still here then this note will poof!

This list is empty.


Not currently seeking gbcs - I have enough atm xD

This list is empty.

Items hottshot_anyway wants

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B) Low Priority

These are either items I would like to have before the season is up, or I am looking for dups because these items are on my sides xD

Edit : The confetti’s are something I am seeking but this is mostly for my own referencing when buying lol

This list is empty.

E) Seasonal } Valentines Wishlist

Seeking these around January until the beginning of March.

These are the items I seek AFTER my main High Priority Wishlist is complete/Empty!

Currently seeking!

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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