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Items eunoiad owns

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A. I no longer visit NC Chat regularly. Please mail.

Items to/from skuria99 or _ caviabriar _. Those are my only accounts.

This list is empty.

B. 1 Cap

Currently 3:2

Any 3 items for 2 GBCs.

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C. Reserved for in progress trades

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Items eunoiad wants

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A. Random Pretties

Usuki Doll House - an old NC neohome item - is my ultimate wish!

Might offer GBCs/custom for these. Might trade from closet, so send your WL.


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B. Trades in progress

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NP Wishes

Reminders for myself. I keep this public to remind visitors that there are a lot of really cool NP items. :)

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Dress to Impress
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