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March 2024:
Will always consider GBCs, Caps, Customs, etc. My WLs are broken down by account. My WL are items that I am actively looking for only, so they're all priorities.
Items are up here because I've sent NMs offering trades.

Caps Available (No LEs):
Bittersweet Chocolatier Sweetheart Gram x2
Magical Valentine Sweetheart Gram x2
This list is empty.

1. "Free" Stuff

Items here are technically "free".
Send me a GBC and a list of the items you're wanting in priority order, and I'll send you however may boxes it gives worth of items.
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2. 2:1/3:1 Sale

Items are 2:1 GBC or 3:1 BFGBC.
May consider 1:1 trades for Dyepots if I need them.
May also look at 2:1 on mystery caps.
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3. 1-2 Value

Items that are worth 1-2 GBCs or Caps.
This list is empty.

6. 7+ Value

Items that are worth 7+ GBCs or Caps.
Always looking at Owls value.

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4. PaintedSerendipity WL

Jurassic Park Account WL
Items to @paintedserendipity

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5. _GummyBearsRule_ WL

Dress to Impress
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