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- Note -

Last Updated: October 2018

I try to respond to all neomails within 48 hours. If I haven't responded to you beyond this time frame, please send me another neomail! Also, please note that for some items I may not be seeking pure GBCs or custom - Items are just grouped by value for convenience.

I'm always seeking 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcakes, NC Archives Fortune Cookies & NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies as long as I have boxes available.

> At this time I'm primarily seeking Dreadful Delight Gift Box Mystery Capsules! <

This list is empty.

- The 2:1 Sale! -

These items are 2:1 for Dreadful Delight Gift Box Mystery Capsules only!

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This list is empty.

2 GBCs

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Items meilin wants

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> Priority Wishlist <

I can normally offer GBCs & Custom for all of my wishes.
For Priority Wishes please feel free to neomail me as I'm also willing to dig into my closet for these wishes!

8 = for my side meilin
10 = pending trade

> I'm always seeking GBCs, Archive Cookies and Sparkler Cupcakes! <

This list is empty.

Seasonal Wishlist

Actively seeking these wishes!

5 = Buyable
8 = For my side meilin
10 = Pending trade
21 = Hoping to find in a 2:1 GBC sale or item:item trade
99 = Priority

This list is empty.
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