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Jan 22, 2019 - I have been on a rather long hiatus, so please bear with me as I get up to date on all the wearables that have been released and what the current values for items are.

Welcome. I have spent a lot of time listing all my items and (trying) to organize them into categories. So, please take the time to read the few rules that I have when it comes to trading with me.

1) When you message me, please include a link to your trade list.

2) If you can offer Lab Ray Fortune Cookies, Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies, NC Archives Fortune Cookies, Dyepots or GBCs then please include this in your message.

3) I use ~Clara and ~korolie for values. I might also choose to create a board if I don't agree with the value or if I am unsure of it's current value.

4) Don't be upset if I decline a trade. I have all my NC items in my TL and some of these items are being used in my pets customizations or I might be planning on using them. Also, some of the items are favorites and I might not be interested in trading them at this time or I might want to trade them for something specific.

I currently have 0 GBCs available and I can NOT offer a NC custom.

If you are interested in doing a trade, then feel free to message me. The worst I can say is no!

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~Side Accounts NC UFT~

Message me if you are interested in trading for these items. I will have to check the sides they are on to see if I have boxes.

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My NC Wish List

I don't have a High, Medium or Low WL . I have one big giant list of things I'd like to trade for. Keep in mind that some items are more of a priority than others. Also, please note that this list isn't 100% complete, which is why I ask everyone to send me their TL. I might see an item on there that I don't have listed here that I'd rather trade for. :-)

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