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A. Hello!

Last Updated: February 2024
currently seeking: wl, bf/gbcs, fqcs, upcycles, and dyepots
currently offering: tl, bf/gbcs, and 2 sss

This list is empty.

C. 1-2 Cap Items

This list includes items I value at ~1 cap and items that I value at ~1-2 caps.

Currently Seeking: wishes and gbcs for items in this list.

This list is empty.

G. Sale Items

Take these unwanted items 2:1 before I upcycle them! # = quantity on this list

Always seeking gbcs for items in this list

Please help me downsize this list!

This list is empty.

H. New/Unsorted Items

These items are UFT but are new and I have yet to sort them. Usually you can find current event, buyables, or premium collectibles here. One day when I am not lazy I will sort them.

This list is empty.

I. In My Closet Rotation - UFT

Items of various cap values that are in my closet rotation, but are UFT.


Currently seeking wishes for any item on this list. Not interested in gbcs or cookies for these items. Items marked 99 I will only trade for bigger wishes.

This list is empty.

Items hectic_haley wants

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1. Priority Wishes

Actively seeking all items on this list
Numbers are for my own reference
Currently offering TL and GBCs for these items.
No custom available at this time.

This list is empty.

3. For my Gallery

Items I'd like to acquire for my potions gallery. Casually seeking these items at this time

- Vial of Effervescence
- Birthday Confetti Magic Elixir
- Crackling Ice Magic Elixir
- Spooky Blorpulous Magic Elixir
- Sun of Altador Magic Elixir
- Swirl of Power Elixir
- Winter Lights Magic Elixir

This list is empty.

4. For my Pals

This list is empty.
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