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Items hectic_haley owns

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1. UFT

Last Updated: 11/29/2022 I Boxes: 78 | GBCS: 0 | BFGBCS: 55

I am in the process of organizing my TL so any numbers you see are for my own reference and are NOT how I value the item.

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2. From My Side

Items hectic_haley wants

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1. Priority Wishes

Top priority to complete customizations.

Have NC on hand to offer customs if you don't see anything of interest on my TL.

Numbers on any WL are for my own tracking 11 - Bhela | 22 - Mazalon | 33 - Lapiez | 44 - Dheila | 55 - Nayzi | 66 - Selahi

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2. Needed for Customizations

Items needed to complete customizations, but I can live without while hunting down my priorities. Still actively seeking these items!

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3. Things I Like

Pretty things I like, but don't immediately need.

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