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Items Lissy owns

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0. My precioussss...

List of non-wearables UFT here

- Everything here is UFT -

I'm open to all offers for my Spyder Web Staff. And will
heavily discount it for an offer including Rooftop BG
or pure GBCs, so just try me! (:

99 = Harder to part with

- Items marked 9999 only UFT for wishes marked 99 or unless I offered them. -

♥ Jump to my wishlist ♥

This list is empty.

2. Highlights

100 = Reserved

This list is empty.

3.1 - Value 1-2

This list is empty.

3.2 - 1:1 GBC or 2:1 GBC

Will trade these 1:1 GBC or 2:1 depending on the items, try me!

This list is empty.

Items Lissy wants

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A.0. Priority wishes

Will offer HTPW, highlights and custom for some of these.

I can also offer some old mystery capsules. List of unwearables UFT here

This list is empty.

A.1. Medium priority

These are populars that I wouldn't mind having for my Spyder Web Staff.
But I'm open to all kind of offers, try me. (: Otherwise, these are mostly low priority.

This list is empty.

B.1 Low Priority


This list is empty.
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