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Hey, I'm Taylor, and welcome to my organized tradelist. I am reachable by neomail most/anytime. Seeking my high priority wishlist, but always down for casual trades as well as GBC's. if you've found an item on my trade list that you want but you don't have anything on my wishlist, let me know and we can work something out! I love to look at tradelists! Happy trading ~

Right now I can currently offer as well as items on my TL:

Custom- 0 NC

GBC's - 37

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These are my highlights. Some I'm picky with, some I'll trade away at the drop of a dime.

Some items I've seen to be quite popular on the boards

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1. DyeWorks Lends

These are the items I lend for dyeworks! 1:1 Dyepot/FQC 2:1 GBC

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This is almost always active as long as I have boxes. So please offer away!

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Best frand wishes!

Things my frand wants, that I offer my tradelist for! c:

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Need to replace

These items are super low priority. Usually only interested in them when I specifically offer on them, but please ask anyways. My mind changes on the daily.

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