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We're making this announcement in response to concerns that DTI may have been used to mint the recent Neopets NFTs.
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Items mermaidlora owns

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0.~ Hello! :)

Welcome! Please read my notes on each trade section to make it easier for us both~

My name is Riley. I will only initiate trades from my main account, deputypeach. I have 3 side accounts, glitteredup, softsparkle, & mermaidlora (hence the name of my DTI account) which was previously my main before switching over completely. I will never contact you any other accounts - please inform me & TNT immediately if anyone is claiming to be me re: trading or for any other reason.

I use Waka & Priscilla as a general guide, but I occasionally disagree with the guides from time to time.

~Don't forget to check all of the Key Quest Tokens in the NC mall - may of them contain wearables that are popular or otherwise HTF, and you just might be able to find some dream items that way! :)


This list is empty.

1. Dyeworks Lending

I will lend any of these items for 1 gbc or one dye pot each.

This list is empty.

1.1 Highlights

I use Waka/Priscilla for values although I might vary from them depending on how I feel about the item/its popularity. This is just a sample but not everything is listed here, let me know what you're looking for! Not everything here is necessarily "valuable" or "popular" but I love them so much they may as well be.

None of these are UFT for gbcs or custom unless I offer.

(I have a hidden closet that's even more attractive than these items, so if you have one of my first priority wishes, please let me know what you're seeking for it - I may be willing to trade out of it!)

This list is empty.


Numbers here indicate how many of each item there are.

I'll also trade anything here 1:1 for faerie quest cookies!

This list is empty.

Trade list - Backgrounds/Background items

This list is empty.

Trade list - Clothing, Costumes, & Shoes

This list is empty.

Trade list - Garlands & Foregrounds

This list is empty.

Z. Closet

If you can see this, it means I'm lazy and looking for Starry Glowstone lmao. Please don't offer on anything here unless you have it (and even then, not all items are UFT - just figured this might grease some wheels).

This list is empty.

Items mermaidlora wants

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1st Priority Wishes

I will always offer custom, old caps, and gbcs for these. My highlights section is open for some as well!

8 means I have a trade pending for this item. 7 means I need this item to get me something else on this list I really want!

This list is empty.

2nd Priority Wishes

These are for planned customs upcoming, but not the ones I'm trying to complete at this moment. I will usually offer custom and gbcs for these, but my highlights section is usually off-limits.

8 means I have a trade pending for this item. 7 means I need this item to get me something else on this list I really want!

This list is empty.

3rd Priority Wishes

These are for pets/customs that do NOT exist yet, and may not exist at all, therefore I'm not seeking them really actively if at all. I won't offer gbcs or custom for the high value/HTF ones unless they become first priority wishes. Let's just call this "these items are cute/pretty and I kinda want em but mostly just wanna keep track of em right now" section.

Items marked 3 I want to replace. (I -will- offer custom/gbcs/highlights for White Picket Fence of Neggs & Vintage Valentine Swing!)

This list is empty.

Friends Wishlists

If you have something on this list, please let me know, regardless of if I have something you want - we have a guild of wishlists combine in order to source everyone's wishes and also sometimes I just trade for my friend's wishes outright.

Items marked 7 are highest priority!

This section is currently being reworked

This list is empty.

Reminder to buy - Neopoint item wishes

Wishlist - NC Unwearables

This list is empty.
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