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0. Intro ^_^

Last Update: 07/2022 (on semi-hiatus)

I love trading towards my WL as well as for friends' WL. I am usually able to offer **full customs** for my wishes as well! Hope you find something you're looking for/what you didn't know you needed! ^__^

CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION, I am somewhat redoing my entire list (categories, etc.) so you might see items at random places/might notice some missing items as I switch some around categories! ^_^

I will have a very busy next few months and predict that I will be able to log on Neo a couple of times MAX per day. Please feel free to neomail me with any offers, and if I don't respond within 48 hours, **PLEASE NEOMAIL ME AGAIN.** My NM gets weird sometimes!!!

Thank you for visiting and checking out my TL!
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D. Backgrounds

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Items cookiesncreme47 wants

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Baby Account Wishes :D

Wishes for my baby account, nannyneopia ^_^ Although I am not actively searching to trade, I am constantly on the look out for cute baby things. I am always willing to offer GBCs, customs, etc., especially if there are deals!

If this list is empty, that means I have acquired all my wishes at the moment - thanks to neofriends and traders like you! :D

This list is empty.

Casual Wishes

Casual wishes of mine! Always offering customs, GBCs, etc, for these. I don't really have a set idea in mind, just items that come to mind from time to time. Please do not be offended if I don't want to trade for these items!

21 = hope to find in 2:1 sales or 1:1 for FQC/dyepot

This list is empty.

Priority Wishes

Items that I want a little more than other wishes. I can offer BF GBCs, hidden list of pops, custom, etc. Feel free to neomail your WL! :)

This list is empty.

Wishes for Friends ^_^

Wishes that I am searching not for my self, but for my friends. Offering GBCs, customs, etc.!

I am ACTIVELY looking for items on this list, and will trade you my items and/or customs for them!

This list is empty.

Wishlist (NP)

NP items that I am seeking! Please feel free to neomail me with the desired price. Mostly baby-related items or pretty things! ^_^

This list is empty.
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