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A. Highlights

NOT looking for GBCs/Caps or Casual trades unless stated in my board, only looking for wishes

9's = htpw, I may decline a fair trade for some htpw items!

any other number is just quantity!

This list is empty.

B. NC Tradelist

NC Clothing items for trade! Open to casually trade, trade for wishes or trade for GBCs!

This list is empty.

C. 2:1

2:1 GBC/Upcycle, 4:1 BF GBC, 1:1 FQC/Lab cookie

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Items OopsAllBones wants

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a. Actively seeking

Stuff I am actively seeking for customs, can offer anything from TL/2:1 and depending on value - I can offer stuff from highlights & customs!

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b. so... id still like you

items id originally planned for customs only to replace because they were htf, id still however like them even if not the main priority!

I can offer anything from TL & Closet, Customs/GBCs/Cookies/etc

This list is empty.

v. very casually seeking

i just... i just think its cool... not desperately seeking but i would enjoy owning it

tradelist/2:1 are available for stuff in this list!

21 means seeking in 2:1

NOT offering customs for this list!

Open to use as filler for bigger trades!

This list is empty.
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