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Items jewellbeetle owns

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A1: highlights

Hiya! I'm Han and I started NC trading May 2022!

Updated: August 2023

I'm fairly active and very friendly! Feel free to nm if you see something you like!

NOTE: I don't offer customs! NC is an expensive habit and I can only get NC occasionally nowadays

To anyone and everyone who's ever gifted me: THANK YOU! Your kindness is forever remembered and definitely made my day! (I don't have my gift section public so ppl don't offer on it)

These are my highlights, most I'm not very attached to, so always feel free to make an offer!

This list is empty.

b1: main uft

entirely uft, no longer need, open to gbcs/cookies for this list most of the time, but love item trades as we all do

most items are available for gbcs

This list is empty.

c1: side one uft

items on my side accounts

boxes: 0

definitely open to GBC trades for most items (aka always need gbcs here lol)

This list is empty.

g1: 2:1 gbc

also 2:1 for upcycles

feel free to combine w buyables from my side if they have boxes!

This list is empty.

Items jewellbeetle wants

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for side 3 (thetwilightsaga116)

Seeking for my side permie customs!

This list is empty.
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