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A. Hello!

Hello there! Hyper here!
Last Updated: 1.2.24

I am working on updating my DTI closet by value, so please pardon the dust!

I try to answer neomails within 48 hours. If you haven't heard from me by then, your message was probably lost in the neocloud. Please NM me again. :)

I am currently updating my TL to be organized by value and make trading a little easier.
Values change over time. I typically use /~owls and recent trade data to value my items before trading.

Side Account #s:
66: Hyperblums
77: Hypermuffin
88: Hyperpuff
99: Puffmuffin

Happy Trading!
~ Hyper

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B: Non-wearables UFT

Current Capsules, Cookies, Grams, GBCS/BFGBCs, and Goodie Bags UFT.

15th Birthday Bath Day Cake, 15th Birthday Tutti Frutti Cake, 15th Unhappy Birthday Cake, 23rd Birthday Cuddly Crocheted Mystery Capsule, Altador Cup Fizzy Fan Gram, Altador Cup Retired Mystery Capsule 2023, Annual Chocolate Ball Gift Box Mystery Capsule, Babaa Bedtime Baby Mystery Capsule, Baby Shooting Stars Retired Mystery Capsule, Blossoming Summer Retired Mystery Capsule, Blumaroo in a Pool Gift Box Mystery Capsule, Bubblebee Mine Goodie Bag, Cherry Blossom Mystery Capsule, Dancing Candychan Gift Box Mystery Capsule, Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion, Expressions Mystery Capsule, Faeries Hope Magical Mystery Capsule, Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, Halloween Haul Gram, Lab Ray Fortune Cookie, MME Retired Mystery Capsule 2023, Munching Meepits Gift Box Mystery Capsule, NC Archives Fortune Cookie, NC Mall 15th Tutti Frutti Birthday Capsule, NC Mall 16th Karaoke Birthday Mystery Capsule, Neopets 23rd Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag, New Year 2021 Celebration Mystery Capsule, New Year 2022 Celebration Mystery Capsule, New Year 2023 Celebration Mystery Capsule, Pumpkin Picking Retired Mystery Capsule, Pumpkin Spice Mystery Capsule, Queen of the Maraquan Sea Gram, Retired Patapult Mystery Capsule 2022, Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule 2023, Serene Green Mystery Capsule, Shenanigifts Retired Mystery Capsule 2023, Springtime Baby Lupe Gift Box Mystery Capsule, Springtime Springabee Mystery Capsule, Sweet Honey Retired Mystery Capsule, Whimsical Wherfy Retired Mystery Capsule

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D. 2:1 or 3:1 Sale

Will trade of these items in bundles of 2 or 3 for: 1 Lab/Archives Cookie, 1 Dyepot, 1 Capsule, 1 GBC, or 1 wish.

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E. 1-2 Cap Items

This list includes items I value at ~1 cap and items that I value at ~1-2 caps.

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H. My Closet Rotation - UFT

These are items I use often, but could be convinced to part with.

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Cute Things

No plans right now, but look cute on Roos.

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