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1. Dyeworks: Originals


Open for lending, not likely to be UFT, but feel free to ask if you really want something (you're willing to massively over-offer) or have something I really want (1st Priority Wants only)

This list is empty.

2:1 Sale

2 for 1 GBC

Might even be 2 for 1 Cap or Cookie that I am looking for. Just ask.

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Grams & Nostalgic Tokens

2 Date Night Grams (no LE)

3 Sleepless Spyder Mutant Grams (no LE)

8 Magical Valentine Sweetheart Gram (3 LE)

Baby Cybunny (2 SSS)

Baby Zafara (2 SSS)

Robot Zafara (1 SSS)

Robot Mynci (1 SSS)

Robot Poogle (1 SSS)

Plushie Poogle (2 SSS)

Maraquan Krawk (1 SSS)

Maraquan Scorchio (1 SSS)

Darigan Aisha (3 SSS)

Faerie Hissi (2 SSS)

Faerie Ruki (2 SSS)

Faerie Xweetok (2 SSS)

Faerie Draik (3 SSS)

Jelly Shoyru (1 SSS)

Jelly Mynci (1 SSS)

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Will do casual trades with these.

If they have a number, that is their VALUE (12 means 1-2 etc). If they don't have a number, 1 BFGBC will always be enough but maybe not 1 GBC.

Note: Numbers not visible on DTI 2020

This list is empty.

UFT (but HTPW)

H stands for 'harder' but not 'hard' - I am just a little stickier to these items and they will probably be valued at the higher end of or above Owls.

Likely to trade these items for something on my WL since I don't have any fixed plans for them at the moment. Currently all sitting in my closet and I try them out from time to time.

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Items sizanix wants

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1st Priority Wants

I can always offer custom for these if I'm not out of my monthly budget

This list is empty.

2nd Priority Wants

Custom in general

This list is empty.

3rd Priority Wants

Wanted as 2:1 Only

Title says everything ^^ Also accepting these as filler or as 1:1 swaps for items of similar value (meaning in my 2:1 list).

Shenanigft 1-packs

This list is empty.
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