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Neomail excelsjor excelsjor's lookup

Items excelsjor owns

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003-00: NC Normal Tradelist

Split into sub-sections:

003-01: Backgrounds

003-02: Foregrounds & Filters

003-03: Markings & Be-Gones

003-04: Expressions & Contacts

003-05: Wigs & Hats

003-06: Clothing

003-07: Wings & Accessories

003-08: Baby

003-09: Dyeworks


I go by Owls for values.

Not looking for cookies or buyables.


999 = HTPW (only seeking items from my wishlist)

444 = dyework spares

Otherwise, quantity just indicates how many I have to trade.

This list is empty.

004: 2:1 Sale

2:1 Items / GBCs / Cookies (except FQC)

1:1 FQC

I would possibly consider going even lower on some items. Don't be afraid to ask.

This list is empty.

Items excelsjor wants

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{0} NC WL

I can offer my TL or GBCs, caps, RR caps, cookies, or custom.


666 = for a WIP custom

555 = WIP custom on a side

444 = trade pending

222 = wanting as a spare

If it's any other number, then it's the quantity I need of it.

This list is empty.

{3.000} NC WL - Low Priority

All of the lists below are low priority wishes. Just things I've seen and think are cute but I have no plans whatsoever for. Open to casual trades. Less likely to trade GBCs / caps / customs but offer anyway.


Split into sub-sections:

003-01: Backgrounds

003-02: Foregrounds & Filters

003-03: Markings, Be-Gones, Expressions & Contacts

003-04: Wigs & Hats

003-05: Clothing

003-06: Wings & Accessories

This list is empty.

{3.001} NC WL LP - Backgrounds

This list is empty.

{3.004} NC WL LP - Wigs & Hats

{4} NP WL

Just some items that are too expensive for me to buy right now, so I'm saving them here.

NM if you're trading / selling any for a decent price.

This list is empty.
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