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Items tehbunni owns

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? Info - UFT

Last updated: Oct 4, 2023 If I don't respond within 48 hours message me again! I love responding, I'll always respond to everything unless neomessages bugged out and I didn't get it.

Feel free to message me to discuss on discord (ceo.bunni).

61 - on my side account gloriousinvocation

999 - HTPW but feel free to offer anyways

100 - Buyable

This list is empty.

Has Been Offered In A Trade

Holding area for stuff that I've offered in a trade or someone else has offered for. I'll try to keep this as updated as possible as trades complete, get rejected, or fall through

This list is empty.


High value stuff I'm really looking to use to get either my top priorities or other high value stuff that can take me there.

This list is empty.

Some Things (UFT)

I will automatically accept these 1:1 swaps:

* Tribal Makeup : Musical Bar Garland

Otherwise feel free to offer from my wishlists, GBC, FQC, and Archives Cookies

I accept Roaring Slug Monster Collectibles as trade filler worth 1-2 GBC :)

This list is empty.

The Closet Jail

These items have personally caused me pain and suffering...not uft...

This list is empty.

Items tehbunni wants

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1) Info - Seeking

Priority doesn't necessarily affect how much I value an item, strangely.

This list is empty.

2) Seeking High Priority

Accepted as Filler

I think this item is so goofy I want to have as many as possible so I will accept them in place of 1-2 GBC in trades where other items are involved. So I probably won't accept slugs as pure currency (i.e. 3 slugs for Holiday Lights Contacts) but if you are short a GBC or don't want to buy one and have a Roaring Slug Monster Collectible lying around, I will take it!

This list is empty.
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