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? Info - UFT

Last updated: June 25, 2024

  • Current Priority: Dyepots > RR caps/custom > DSSS/SSS > High/Med Prio Wishes > GBCs > Low Prio/Pruned Wishes

  • If you see my lists that are labeled "z." or "zz." etc. those are supposed to be hidden, and DTI is just unhiding them for some reason.

  • If I don't respond within 48 hours message me again! I love responding, I'll always respond to everything unless neomessages bugged out and I didn't get it. That said, feel free to move on because maybe I died or something and you'll have to find a trade somewhere else.

  • I'm buying NC less these days, still open to trading but I might forget to remove stuff from my list when I trade it away, sorry if that happens

  • Message @ ceo.bunni on discord for easier communication

Single digit numbers - means quantity probably.

23, 34, 45, etc - means values 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 etc if I disagree with OWLs

999 - softly htpw but feel free to offer anyways

100 - Buyable. Not really labeling these anymore, too lazy lol

This list is empty.

o. Sale - 2:1 GBC/Dyepot/Upcycle | 3:1 RR cap/SSS | 4:1 BFGBC

If there's something in here that's also in another list, that means I have extras and it's available in the sale to whoever asks for it first.

This list is empty.

o. UFT Essentials

1 GBC/RR cap each or 3:2 GBC/RR cap

This list is empty.

o. UFT Nicies

Not really any less casual than the regular UFT list, I just think they're nice and/or not suuuuper common.

Also have Fairgrounds Gram and Chocolatier Grams UFT

This list is empty.

o. UFT Regular

Feel free to offer from my wishlists, RR caps, GBC, FQC, Upcycle, and Archives Cookies. I have been okay on boxes lately so I am less inclined to accept GBC.

Temporarily offering 2:1 SSS for this list

Non-wearables UFT: none atm

This list is empty.

ooo. UFT - revacholian

Has boxes: yes

This list is empty.

p. Has Been Offered In A Trade

Holding area for stuff that I've offered in a trade or someone else has offered for. I'll try to keep this as updated as possible as trades complete, get rejected, or fall through

This list is empty.

Items tehbunni wants

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1. Info - Seeking

999 - highest prio, going feral for this

9 - normal about these, have a custom in mind

This list is empty.

2a. Seeking Spares

Weird list for items I love and would like multiples of but aren't technically high prio. Somewhat on par with medium prio

This list is empty.

4. Seeking Low Priority

This list is empty.

5. Pruned

I guess basically items that get demoted from Low Priority lol. Super casual wishes, probably want as filler if nothing else would work in a trade. List is set to public and not trading for that reason.

This list is empty.

6. Trade pending

Found a trade, pending for one reason or another

This list is empty.

Seeking - NC Buyables

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