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000. Hello!

[Last Updated: April 16th 2022 ]

I'm in the process of updating everything after a few years away so bear with me!
If you messaged me prior to April 2022 I was inactive and it wasn't seen- sorry!

Feel free to Neomail me if you’re interested in anything!

I use /~owls & /~waka for values!

I'm open to GBCs, Lab Ray Fortune Cookies & Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies as fillers!
(in that order of priority)

Gift Boxes: 40 GBCs: 8

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001. Highlights / Favourites

Items Bearz wants

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000. Wishes!

I'm looking for these items but I'm also always after GBCs as well!

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001. JUMBO Wishes

These are top priority for me so that I can finish my pets customization!
I'm super willing to work something out for these so don't be afraid to NM me!

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004. Small Wishes

I have no idea what I'd do with these but they're cute~

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