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0. Hi!

I always respond to NMs, so if you don't hear back from me in a day or two, then Neopets probably ate the message. Feel free to resend. :)

Always seeking Priority/Casual wishes!

Currently also seeking small customs (~150-200NC) for items on my 2:1 list, and possibly for regular UFT items if I'm not attached to them.

NOT seeking FQCs at this time!

This list is empty.

00. Nostalgic Tokens

Tokens I have UFT: 1 - Darigan Aisha 1 - Darigan Bori

Will trade for wishes/custom!

This list is empty.


Quantities are inaccurate because I've imported and re-created this list a bazillion times.

DTI please make it harder for entire lists to get removed I'm gonna cry.

Always UFT for casual/priority wishes.

This list is empty.

A1. 2:1 Sale

Take these away from me! Will trade 2:1 for a small custom (150-200NC), lab cookie, training cookie, RR cap, upcycle cookie, small wishlist item, etc. Will also accept 2:1 GBC, but they are super low priority and I would love/prefer a lab cookie instead if you don't already have GBCs sitting around. C:

1:1 for dyepots.

NOT seeking FQCs at the moment!

This list is empty.

A2. UFT (side account items)

B. Closet/HTPW

Not necessarily rare or valuable, just things I use sometimes. If it's listed here, then I'm willing to let it go for the right offer (priority/HTF wishes). Most likely will not trade for GBCs/custom. If you see an item listed here and also in another list, then it probably means I have an extra. :)

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Items eriCarie wants

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1. Priority Wishlist

Things I'm actively seeking!

This list is empty.

2a. Buyables WL

Things I want to buy/trade for before they disappear from the NC mall. Not a priority at all, but will trade for these if you're looking for something I have spares of/am not attached to!

This list is empty.
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