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Items eriCarie owns

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Always trading for wishes! Item quantities are inaccurate because I had no idea how to add/import items and now I'm too lazy to fix them all. If it's listed here, then I have at least one to trade.

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A1. 2:1 GBC

Take these away from me! Will do 2:1 GBC. Will also trade for FQCs/archive cookies/other customs/wishes!

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B. Closet/HTPW

Not necessarily rare or valuable, just things I use sometimes. May be willing to trade for high priority/HTF wishes! Most likely will not trade for GBCs/custom. Quantities not accurate.

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Items eriCarie wants

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3. I just think they're neat

Mostly just a reminder to myself that these things exist. I'm not looking for these, but might be willing to trade for some of the harder to find items, or accept some of the easier to find items to even out a trade. :)

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