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Items thevampirelestat_x owns

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*My Tradelist & Wishlists*

Currently have these non-wearables for trade:

Cherry Blossom Gift Box Mystery Capsule (2)
Sunset Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule (1)
Fantastic Fall Gift Box Mystery Capsule (1)
Kaleidoscope Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule (3 - BF 11/27)
Mysterious Moonlight Gift Box Mystery Capsule (1)
Dazzling Fireworks Gift Box Mystery Capsule (6)
Mosaic Hearts Gift Box Mystery Capsule (10)

Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule (10)

Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram (1 - Non-LE)
Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram (1 - Non-LE)

This list is empty.

.Lending for Dyeworks

Will lend these items for Dyeworks!

Will lend for a Faerie Quest Cookie, Archive Cookie, Training Cookie, or Upcycle Cookie; or 2:1 for a GBC.

This list is empty.

0. Dyeworks UFT

This list is empty.

1. Backgrounds UFT

This list is empty.

22. Clothes UFT

Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Cloaks

This list is empty.

4. Wigs UFT

Wigs, Helmets, Hats

This list is empty.

99. Accessories & Trinkets

Non-Body Wearable Accessories

This list is empty.

HTPW/Closet Items

Any item marked 9 is not UFT at all.

This list is empty.

Items thevampirelestat_x wants

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1. Priority WL

These are my big wishes, along with my current most wanted, high cap or not.

This list is empty.

4. Gallery Wishlist

These are low priority at the moment, but can be used to fill trades.

This list is empty.
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