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Hello!! I'm Jamie! You can neomail me on neo with my username, starishblue!

I use /~waka and /~madiegh for value guides, and I am still struggling to understand everything about NC trading so I hope you will be patient with me! I am super friendly so feel free to nm me if you want something I have =) I am very open to trading items that I just don't have a use for!

I can also offer customs at any moment, and have some old caps/items too in a list below if you would like them!

I am also currently seeking Black Bat Attack for a dear NF of mine, so please let me know if you have that and if we can work something out. =) Thank you!! And have a nice day!

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items with more worth i guess idk

just pretty things

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Some old items

Not for GBCs:

Baby Mystery Capsule
Pinwheel Gift Box Mystery Capsule
New Year 2012 Celebration Mystery Capsule
NC Mall 6th Birthday Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Jhudoras Fashion Line Mystery Capsule
New Year 2013 Celebration Mystery Capsule
Kanriks Fashion Line Mystery Capsule
Spring Farmhouse Mystery Capsule
Impending Darkness Mystery Capsule
Fall Apple Gift Box Mystery Capsule

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