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1. You should know...

Please feel free to NM me if you want to trade. The worst I can say is "No thanks".

Please note: I will only ever neomail from my account ya_mum_is_kool_21 or my side paddled if trading from this list.

Non-wearable TL:

This list is empty.

3. Tradelist

Items up for trade.

This list is empty.

4. Side Accounts (UFT)

Items up for trade on side accounts (limited box count ~ GBC may be needed)

This list is empty.

5. Items from Non-Wearables

I have access to these via Grams, Capsules, Elixirs, etc that I own from many years ago. Some of the items themselves (i.e. Valentines Grams) are No Trade, but I can definitely trade with the items inside!

If you want multiples, please check my Non-wearable TL here, as I will keep this updated with the QTY of each item I have:

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Items pythagoras wants

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1. Priority Wishlist

Items that I am actively seeking for customisations.
I may be able to offer custom/GBCs for these items if that's what you're seeking.

This list is empty.

2. Regular Wishlist

3. Friend's Wishes!

Seeking these for a friend!

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