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* HTPW / Visible Closet *

My permanent closet is hidden; items on this list, however, MAY BE IN USE.
I am not seeking to trade these items for custom / gbc unless I specifically offer.

I do my best to answer any and all mails. I'm often on mobile however, and my memory has some problems. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I haven't replied in a day or two.

Last updated 1/21/20 | Actively Trading (I use /~Waka for values)

Please bear with me while I organize this mess.

This list is empty.

1 GBC Sale Section

This list is empty.

2:1 GBCs

FQC cookies are loved, but depend on how many boxes I have currently.

This list is empty.

UFT: Effects

UFT: Wings

This list is empty.

Items ohmydollface wants

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* Currently Arranged Pretrades *

(For my own reference. Items marked here have arranged pre-trades or I am talking to someone ABOUT trading. If we're talking about value, I consider the item traded until / unless one of us declines.)

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* Highest Priority / Dream Items *

I am either actively seeking these items or would give a kidney for, I am happy to offer GBCs, custom, etc, (or arrange pretrades) if I don't have your wishes. Items marked 999 are my desperately after section and I'll offer you a limb for them.

This list is empty.
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