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Items Lartherian owns

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Hi! I'm returning from a 3 or 4 years hiatos so I probably missed a lot of stuff. Maybe my lists aren't totally updated right now, in wishes or in items I'm trading, but feel free to ask! Feel free to mail me anytime, I may even discover new things looking at your lists! Thank you!

Hello! I hope you find here what you're looking for and, who knows, maybe I'm lucky enough for you to have something I want! Feel free to make an offer, I will look and consider each one with care!

I'll do my best to reply every single neomail as soon as possible, sorry if somehow I take too long to give you a answer.

I would like to remember that some of the items listed here have more personal value than others and I may not want to trade unless it's a very special condition. Feel free to ask, but I hope you understand if I decline the offer, even if it's a very very good one.

Box count: 3

Offering custom

This list is empty.


I'm really attached to these items and probably they are not UFT unless I offer or only for some really important item from my WL. They are ALL HTP. Also, some I probably have no intention to put UFT in near future. Maybe this could change, but right now I don't think so, sorry.

"999" means this is one of my favorite items of all. It could be a very cheap or a very valuable item, I'm extremely attached to it. Probably these items are not UFT.


Feel free to ask about anything, but I hope you understand if I refuse trading some of these items.

This list is empty.

Non-Wearable UFT

Access here:

This list is empty.

NP Closet

This list is empty.

SDB List

The items listed here I do not use (or at least not much) and are probably UFT. Some, however, may be HTP. Ask me if you want something.

I would like to make clear that I DO NOT MAKE 2:1 SALES. Every single item I have is important to keep and to do trades cause I don't buy nc regularly. I'm not interested in getting rid of them. I'll always reject 2:1 offers even if I have no boxes. My priority always will be another items, never GBCs, as my priority is not to trade, but to customize my pets.

This list is empty.

Items Lartherian wants

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1. Priority WL

Items that I'm seeking right now. Would love to receive offers with that at anytime. Willing to offer some of my loved HTP items for them. Thanks :)

This list is empty.

1. Sword Collection (Priority!)

Unlike the general swords I want just for collection, these are the ones I actually like and would love to have them to customize.

This list is empty.

4. Ach's Customization Wishlist

Specific items for specific looks for Prince_Achiles. Not a priority, but I'll consider most of the offers cause it's always nice to increase the closet.