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0 Hello!

Hi there, welcome to my TL and WL!

I'm always open to trading for my wishes so feel free to mail me if you have what I'm seeking. I also like trading for GBCs as well. I always reply to mails ^ ^

As of 17 May 2017 I've changed my TL categories around and am trying this way of organising my items out. My closet is visible but I'm quite attached to those items so they're only up for trade for wishes.

For the other items on my TL feel free to mail me your TL and offers for them, as well as GBCs.

Thanks to the lovely people who have gifted me some beautiful items :)

Happy trading!

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0.5 Lending

Lending these Dyeworks items 2:1 GBC. These items are not UFT.

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03 Backgrounds

All the backgrounds! 99 are more HTPW. Any multiples I'm not picky with.

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04 Foregrounds & Garlands, Showers etc

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05 Clothes

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09 Handhelds & Accessories

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Items starspangledsky wants

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01 Priority Wishes

Now please o_O

Can offer GBCs usually as well as my TL.

Feel free to send me your WL if you have my wishes but don't see anything on my TL.

999 - Top priority. 88 - Seeking for friends.

Items marked 99 in my 'Replacement' section are also pretty high priority along with these items.

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04 Low Priority Wishes

Probably not actively seeking but still might be interested if trading away my UFT section or as part of larger trades.

More interested in those marked 99.

Any NP items are to remind myself I'd like them at some point in the future.

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