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0 Updates / Hiatus

Update June 2020

I am currently not trading and only logging in very occasionally. Apologies to those who have mailed me and not received a reply.

I hope to be back properly sometime soon and will update this when I am trading again.

You are welcome to mail me in the meantime but you most likely won't receive a reply until this notice has been changed.

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0.1 Hello!

Hi there, welcome to my TL and WL!

I always reply, so feel free to mail again if I haven't replied within a few days, as perhaps I missed it!

My closet is visible but I'm unlikely to trade from here unless it's for hard to find top priority wishes. Anything marked 99 in any list is HTPW and probably not UFT for GBCs or low priority wishes.

Closet items marked 99 are pretty much not UFT at all right now.

I can be a bit whimsical with my wishes and my items. Some days I am up for trading closet items and other days I'm not, and I get attached to everything! That's why all my items are visible, and I will decide on a case by case basis whether I want to trade my items for yours and vice versa, so feel free to just ask about anything and I'll let you know. That said, my closet items are very hard to part with so apologies in advance if I don't want to let things go.

Thanks to the lovely friends who have gifted me some beautiful items :)

Happy trading!

Roo x

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0.5 Lending

Lending these Dyeworks items 2:1 GBC. These items are not UFT.

This list is empty.

0.75 Cap items UFT/swaps

Seeking GBCs, RR caps & swaps as well as wishes for these items!

This list is empty.

01 Closet

This list is set to public, not trading.

My favourite items that I use all the time. I'm very unlikely to trade away any of these, although I could potentially be persuaded for some of my top priority wishes if they're particularly hard to find.

Those marked '99' aren't UFT right now. Some of them were gifts from my favourite people. You know who you are :)

This list is empty.

02 Side Account Closets

Mostly not for trade because I'm lazy and don't want to have to replace items on my side accounts. Feel free to ask though.

Most likely boxless on these accounts.

'99' - not UFT.

This list is empty.

03 Backgrounds

All the backgrounds! 99 are more HTPW. Any multiples I'm not picky with.

This list is empty.

04 Foregrounds & Garlands, Showers etc

'99' - HTPW

This list is empty.

05 Clothes

'99' - HTPW

This list is empty.

06 Wigs & Hats

'99' - HTPW

This list is empty.

09 Handhelds & Accessories

'99' - HTPW

This list is empty.

10 Trinkets & Background Items

This list is empty.

Items starspangledsky wants

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001 Seeking for friends

These items are high priority. Please let me know what you're seeking for them!

This list is empty.

01 Priority Wishes

Now please o_O

Can offer GBCs usually as well as my TL if I have them.

Feel free to send me your WL if you have my wishes but don't see anything on my TL.

99 - Top priority. I'm probably willing to offer my left arm.

This list is empty.

04 Planned Future Customs WL

05 Other Wishes

Replacements / Duplicates / Low priority wishes.

I want these but I'm not seeking them actively right now. Feel free to offer these if I have something you're seeking but I may refuse fair offers, especially if you're seeking one of my HTPW Closet items.

99 - more interested in these at the moment.

This list is empty.
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