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1.- ReadMe.doc

Please take the following things in consideration if you want to mail me about a trade! c:

I'm not interested in casual trades, if it's not in my WL I don't want it, I've gone through the entire JN's NC item database twice to make sure xD

However, if necessary, I'd be willing to look at lists if the trade you're offering includes at least 1 WL item :3

I won't offer high valued items for bunches of smaller ones, I always regret those trades x_x

Note to self: April 5th

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3.- Tradelist

This list is empty.

4.- Side 4 3:1 game

Get up to 3 of these for 1 GBC depending on how many boxes your GBC has :3

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1.- High Priority Wishlist

I'm also looking for:
Upcycle Cookie/s
Dyeworks Potions

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3.- NP things I want in my life

Mail me your price for anything here if you're selling c: Please ignore the numbers, they're just reference prices I got at some point just to keep track of any inflation or deflation

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