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1.- ReadMe.txt

If you'd like to inquire about a trade please take the following in consideration c:

It's very unlikely that I'd trade for items that are not in my WL, although if it is empty or near empty I'd be more than willing to look through lists for casual trades

I'm not interested in trading any retired DWs for 1 cap value customs or 1 GBC

I am picky when trading for customs or caps, specially higher valued stuff and despite me frequently looking for them lol

Numbers indicate quantity

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4.- Tradelist

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5.- Hard to Part

Not UFT for customs or caps, not even overoffers :s I'd much rather trade at a discount for an item or combo I like and would use c:

If my WL is empty or close to be I'll consider casual trades for stuff here

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1.- Wishlist

Dress to Impress
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