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I'm usually up for trading when I have boxes but I keep my WL relatively small since I don't change customs often. So, don't be afraid to NM me if I have something you're seeking. I will check out your TL for anything that catches my eye if you don't have any of my wishes. It might take me a day or two to respond since I'm working crazy hours atm. I'm NOT interested in customs or GBCs unless I make a board for them.

Boxes: 40

NC: 0

GBCs: 1

Enchanting Sweetheart Gram: 4

This list is empty.


Will accept 1:1 for FQCs.

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

My pretties

These items are UFT but I will be a little pickier about what I trade them for.

99 - extremely picky with these items.

999 - never UFT

This list is empty.

Premium Collectibles

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Regular TL

This list is empty.

Items Mamiknitcrochet wants

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A list

99 - highest priority

This list is empty.

B list

Casually seeking most items on this list. Only seeking when I've made a board for these items or as fillers for larger trades.

This list is empty.
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