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NC - Heyihavetheselights / Holidays

updated..ish:Last overhaul was in Jan -
my list is mess.
but i do my best to keep it accurate

I try to respond to every neomail, but life is just hectic right now.

Feel free to send me a neomail though if anything interest you!

If you see an item on these visible lists, it is available for the right trade.

Quick Guide for Numbers:
15 = side account
+1 less than 10 = amount I have
17 = other side

these numbers are constant through UFT sections.
(until you get to my wishlist.)
This list is empty.

NC - I don't want these, do you?

This section is items I will 100% trade away without thinking twice.
More than willing to discount if approached politely!
More than welcome to inquire about 2/3 items for 1 item/gbc/dyepot (2:1 3:1 potential 4:1)

This list is empty.

NC - Trading Dyeworks

Started getting cramped in my highlight section

so here's a list dedicated to the dyeworks

I am willing to trade! This list is empty.

NC Items UFT

A random assortment of items willing to trade/exchange.

Also have a JellyNeo list for non-wearables:
Click here to go to Jellyneo List

feel free to inquire about possible 2:1 or 3:1 on some items. i gotta down size.

reminder: I do have several hidden lists
so don't be shy to tell me what you're seeking

This list is empty.


(Might Not Be For Trade)
I'm not opposed to offers on these items -
just know that some items are personally of higher value at this time.

You'll never know unless you ask!

This list is empty.

NC items Visible When Seeking Higher WL

~ If you can see this, I'm open to negotiation for certain items!
Aiming for my Absolutely Want/Highest Priority WL.

Made this section for items that I'm currently very attached too,
But as time goes by, items will cycle in and out of this list
because sometimes things don't work how I want.
please note that this list is also public,
and does not show up as "trading"

i do have always hidden lists,
so just let me know what you seek!

This list is empty.

nc possible reserved

items that i set aside for possible trades for others
still available until removed from this list

This list is empty.

NC ze New-ish items

A list to help me sort through items I recently obtained.

If they're in this list, it means I haven't had a chance to explore the potentials,
but still MIGHT be available for trade if asked.
if they have an 8, than chances are low it's available.
This list is empty.

nc ze pet closet

for those items you just cant let go atm

This list is empty.

Items clumsycloyster wants

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NC - Absolutely want/seeking/HIGH priority


you know.
Very actively, constantly, desperately? seeking these.
the more sevens, the more I want it.
77 = very actively seeking
7 = imma get this just you watch

anytime: If you have these items for trade,
let me know so I can open a private list to public,
and see if I have anything you'd like!

This list is empty.

NC - Currently Seeking for Friends

A collection of items I am helping my friends find.

Some of these items have a few other TLs
that you can browse through if you have ANY of these items.

please just neomail me and let me know what you have
what you value it,
and what YOU want!

and maybe a *slorg* in the nm so I know you read this! :P
This list is empty.

NC - General Closet Wants

lowest priority, kind of seeking
would like to have in closet

1 = I might trade for, I might not depending on boxes
5 = kindasortareeeaaallywant
6 = fully plan to obtain, but in no rush
7 = definitely desired / probably want sooner vs later


outdatedlistedforreference :)
I do have (several) hidden wishlists...
so if'd you like, please share your tradelist with me :)

This list is empty.

NP - Really Wants

Items of NP value that I am seeking

please neomail with your asking price
if you are selling any of these

and for those lurkers out there
jellyneo list This list is empty.
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