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0 - A few notes before trading

I will not offer custom or gbc's unless stated on my board OR I offer it to you, sorry.

I use /~waka as a rough value guide

Unwearables UFT :

I give faded_glow (my sister) my full permission to offer my list as she see's fit

I do no have any custom or GB Caps currently to offer, unless stated on my board.


This list is empty.

00 - 2:1 GB Cap sale / 1:1 FQC

Only accepting 2:1 on this section
1:1 Faerie Quest Cookie

This list is empty.

Section 01 - Dyeworks

Some dyeworks are only UFT for item:item trades

This list is empty.

Section 03 - Premium / Collectibles

This list is empty.

Section 05 - Backgrounds

This list is empty.

Section 06 - Foregrounds / Foreground Items / Background Items

This list is empty.

Section 10 - Clothing / Handwear / Footwear

Items capturedsecrets wants

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Section 1 - High Priority Wishes

Any GB Caps
Upcycle Cookies
Always seeking Baby Bottle Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

Section 3 - Sister's Wishes (ALWAYS seeking)

Dress to Impress
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