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00. Welcome!

Hello! This page is up to date as of April 2020.

My wishlist is VERY LARGE sorry about that haha (like, over 2000 items large, I know, I know).

But I have tried to sort it so that you can know what's up! In my WL, Section 0 is the stuff that I am very ready to send you pretty much whatever for. Section 1 I am also pretty excited to trade most things for. Sections 2 and 3 I mostly want to swap item:item and not GBC.

In my TL, HTPW is also primarily for WL 0/1, but maybe for WL 2. Everything visible is up for trade (for the right offer). I don't have a secret closet or trade list, so I can only offer what you see here (plus custom).

Neomails and neofriend requests are very open, and I'm online most every day!

This list is empty.

000. Highlights UFT

I have some....expensive things??

I am not remotely attached to these, but I do want to get something like their full value. Feel free to offer items from any of my wishlists, GBCs, caps, etc etc. Also feel free to do a VC on recently re-released stuff!

Numbers indicate ~waka values.

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2. 2:1 Sale (Non-Buyables)

Feel free to mix and match with the buyables list! These are 2:1 for GBCs or archive cookies only, I will otherwise trade them item:item at 1-2 cap value.

This list is empty.

3. Buyables UFT

All of these are 2:1 for a GBC (or I'll send you as many as I get boxes), and I'd also do a 2:1 on a non-buyable item if I have enough boxes

Totally happy to 1:1 trade these for buyables that I want

This list is empty.


Things I'm holding for someone!

This list is empty.

Items 170 wants

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00. Pre-trade

Being held for me!

This list is empty.

1: High Priority Wishes

Some of these are expensive dreams and some are pretty affordable- I am excited to casually trade for basically any of this with any of my TL always. I am generally willing to spend GBC on these things.

Numbers=how bad I want it (although I can't promise I can afford the expensive things I want at any given time haha)

This list is empty.

2: Normal Priority Wishes

I am def down to casual trade for all of these things! Items marked 2 are higher priority and it's possible I'd scrounge up some GBC for them or think about trading from my HTPW.

This list is empty.

3: Low Priority Wishes

Still def interested in this stuff for casual trades, I just prefer things from the lists above. I typically won't do GBC for these items.