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00. Welcome!

Hello! This page is up to date as of November 2019.

I am only a few months into NC trading and as such I have a HUGE wishlist and a tiny tradelist. But I am excited about trades!

I've done my best to be accurate about sorting my TL and WL based on priorities and willingness to trade. In general, I love casual trading and will be glad to entertain all kinds of offers!

I've got a good internet-surveys-for-spending-money rhythm going on right now so my supply of NC to spend is decent. That said, I'm mostly interested in concentrating my GBC-spend on the wishes in lists 0 and 1 below. Do tell me about your 2:1 sales, though, as I am all about hitting a lot of low-hanging fruit for my closet that way!

Neomails and neofriend requests are very open, and I'm online most every day!

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These aren't necessarily expensive or fancy items, they are just things I like a bunch but am not actively using right now.

I might let them go for my highest priority wishes, but definitely not for anything else. I'd def prefer to value them at the higher end of ~waka

However! For things in this list that haven't retired yet, I'm very likely willing to go buy a duplicate and send one to you :)

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0. Seeking Right Now

I'm looking for these things for current and upcoming customs! Please neomail me offers for these :) :) :)

21 means I've seen this on 2:1 lists and am hoping for such a trade

I've made this list much bigger in anticipation of Black Friday sale GBCs- it's quite likely I'll be buying, like, at least 50-60 of them. Feel free to let me know if you'd like to hold something for me for BFS GBC(s)! Otherwise these are things I'm more or less hoping to get over the next, like, 6 months.

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1: High Priority Wishes

Some of these are expensive dreams and some are pretty affordable- I am excited to casually trade for basically any of this with any of my TL always. I am generally willing to spend GBC on these things.

Numbers=how bad I want it (although I can't promise I can afford the expensive things I want at any given time haha)

This list is empty.

2: Normal Priority Wishes

I am def down to casual trade for all of these things! Items marked 2 are higher priority and it's possible I'd scrounge up some GBC for them or think about trading from my HTPW.

This list is empty.

3: Low Priority Wishes

Still def interested in this stuff for casual trades, I just prefer things from the lists above. I typically won't do GBC for these items.