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0. Welcome!

Hello! This page is up to date as of September 2020.

My wishlist is VERY LARGE sorry about that! But that means it should be easy to make a trade with me, I want so much :) :)

I typically only have GBCs when they are available in the mall, and I only want to trade them for items from my 3 highest priority wishlists. I am interested in your 2:1 sales for items from all lists, though.

Neomails and neofriend requests are very open, and I'm online most every day!

Note to self: I owe Tam 6-7 caps.

This list is empty.

00. Highlights

All these things are worth more than 1 cap according to ~waka and/or ~priscilla.

I still want them gone! UFT for any wishes or caps. If it just came out of an RR cap, I'll happily talk discounts with you.

This list is empty.

2. 2:1 Sale (Non-Buyables)

Feel free to mix and match with the buyables list! These are 2:1 for GBCs or archive cookies only, I will otherwise trade them item:item at 1-2 cap value.

This list is empty.

3. Buyables UFT

All of these are 2:1 for a GBC (or I'll send you as many as I get boxes), and I'd also do a 2:1 on a non-buyable item if I have enough boxes

Totally happy to 1:1 trade these for buyables that I want

The vast majority of this is gonna get chucked at Charity Corner so if you want it speak up now!

This list is empty.

4. HTPW (ish)


Things I'm holding for someone!

This list is empty.

Items 170 wants

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00. Pre-trade

Being held for me!

This list is empty.

B. Very High Priority

I am also quite actively looking for all of this and will usually do full custom for it or anything from my tradelist.

(21 here and on all lists means I've seen it on people's 2:1s and so want to trade it for custom at that value. Item:item at full value is fine.)

This list is empty.

C. High Priority

More things I am always seeking! Can't promise I'll do full custom on the expensive stuff, but I'll gladly pull together a few GBCs for most of this. This is the lowest category I'll trade my HTPW for.

This list is empty.

D. Regular Priority

I do want these things, but I don't want to spend custom on them. Hopeful for item:item trades here, although I'm also very interested if you've got any of this on your 2:1.

This list is empty.

E. Low Priority

If you want something off my tradelist but don't have any of my higher priority wishes, this is the list for you! Would also take this as filler on higher-value trades or 2:1s.

Not gonna trade custom or HTPW for any of this.

This list is empty.

F. Random Stuff

I wouldn't mind owning these things, but I'm not going out of my way for them. Still willing to look at offers of this stuff for my tradelist, but if I'm low on boxes I might pass.

I recognize there's valuable stuff down here, too- I would trade my highlights for this stuff if you don't have any of my higher priority wishes.