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Numbers for my reference, you can ignore :).

Multiple numbers mean HTPW

77 means pending trade

66 only trading for other items marked 66

I'm basically online 24/7, i'll reply quick (: and if i don't- i probably deleted my messages cause im dumb


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Lending 2:1 for GBC 1:1 DYEPOTS

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1.1- Highlights

Multiple numbers mean HTPW

most likely higher valued or im just a bit attached or think its pretty

accepting gbc for a lot of these if its 99 i might or might not accepto gbc~ sorry!

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2- 2:1 sale

ACTIVELY SEEKING ARCHIVE COOKIES 2 for 1 gbc/archive cookie

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3- Regular uft

please dont be upset if i turn down a perfectly fair offer- there still might be some htpw items here

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Items athzalar wants

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99 i want to get first

100 means im looking for a friend

21 seeking in 2:1 sales

77 pending trade

66 will only trade for others marked 66

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