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## Notice ##

GBCs Main: 0 GBCs SA1: 0 GBCs SA2: 0
Boxes Main: 1 SA1: 3 SA2: 0 SA3: 0 SA4: 0
NC Main: 0 SA1: 0 SA2:0 SA3: 0 SA4:0

Also UFT:
Scorchio Party Pack

Updated 10-16-17

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** SA TL **

Numbers in this section are just to let me know which account an item is on and is not quantity or value.
Boxes: SA #1: 2
SA #2: 0
SA #3: 4
SA #4: 0
Updated 9-18-17

This list is empty.

1.1 Easy Trade List

These items I have multiples of or just don't use that much. Willing to trade for buyables I'm seeking, gbcs, Archive cookies, upcycle cookies. May do 2:1 for gbcs, just ask!

This list is empty.


Many of my BGs are HTPW so I may decide I'd rather keep the BG if I only have one. Items marked 100 are VHTPW and unlikely to be UFT unless you have any top priority wishes.

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Dyeworks Items

If I have multiples of an item, I'm likely to trade the extras. Most others are NFT. You can ask, but don't be surprised if I reject a fair offer if it's my only one. Items marked 100 are VHTPW.

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This list is empty.

Garlands, Showers & String Lights

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Shirts/ Dresses & Jackets