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1 - Attention!

Please mail me at emo_kid_rocker_chick with questions or trade offers!

I do not always agree with values listed on guides!

Please pay attention to the descriptions of each section.

My non-wearable NC items are in my gallery, which is found here:

Sometimes I take a while to get back to mails so please be patient with me if you mail. I do not ignore anyone (and I do not like being ignored!) so please give me time before you conclude that I am not interested.

Thanks for understanding.

This list is empty.

1.1 - Lendable items

These items are NOT FOR TRADE
(unless I specifically offer them to you!)

I can lend for a GBC, dye, or wish!

This list is empty.

1.2 - Highlights

I do not agree with values listed on guides for several of these items!

Most likely not seeking pure GBCs/custom for these but ask if you want to.

Some of these are HTPW and may only be offered towards my highest priority wishes!

My non-wearable NC items are in my gallery, which is found here:

This list is empty.

2 - Regular TL

Not picky with most things here, with the exception of dyeworks items.
I WILL be more picky with dyeworks items, especially if it's my last one of that color.
Thanks for understanding.

GBCs usually accepted for this section.

22 = Trade pending

2:1 is not organized however a lot of these items are eligible so just ask if you're interested!

My non-wearable NC items are in my gallery, which is found here:

This list is empty.

3 - Side TL

The number on the item indicates which account the item is on.

Box counts are as follows:

2: 0 boxes
3: 0 boxes
4: 0 box
5: 0 boxes

This list is empty.

4 - Closet

Very picky with these! I am open to trading some them for certain wishes though!
Not trading these for GBCs/cookies most likely but you can ask!

22 = Trade pending

99 = it's either a gift, or big achievement to me - I'm very, very unlikely to trade it.
I'm sorry in advance!

This list is empty.

5. Side Closet

This list is mostly here for my own reference. However, I am open to trading some things.

Items marked 11 are things I am least likely to trade.

This list is empty.

Items Lyssie wants

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Actively Seeking.

I need these the absolute most. Please let me know what you're seeking for them.


21 = Ideally seeking in 2:1 sales

I may offer custom/GBC for these - depending.

This list is empty.

Low Priority Wishlist

Actively seeking these.

Lesser priority, but still seeking these. Unlikely to trade closet items for.

This list is empty.
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