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*An Introduction*

Welcome to my Tradelist and Wishlist! Here you can find items I'm actively trading and seeking.
Current Status: Active Daily

Neomail: Open. Feel free to mail me at any time. If I don't respond please send again.

Box count: We good fam

Items in my Normal UFT and Sale are easy to part with and always UFT.

Some items in my for Wishes UFT are harder to part with, some I'll need to replace right away, and some I'm just sorta picky with but not attached to.

But remember: Every item shown is UFT
Everything not UFT is hidden so feel free to offer .

This list is empty.

*Tokens Or Non-Wareables UFT*

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC/ 3:1 BF GBC/ 1:1 Cookie Sale

This list is empty.

Normal UFT

UFT For GBC, Customs, Wishes, And Casual Trades.

This list is empty.

UFT For Wishes

UFT For Most High Priority Wishes. Varying Levels of Picky.

This list is empty.

Items Steffindor wants

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**Need For Customs**

I actually need these things specifically for customs

Highest Priority

Willing to offer hidden closet and HTPW items for for all things in this list.
7 = For A Side Custom

This list is empty.

*General High Priority*

Items I am actively seeking.
Also Seeking GBC's

99999= Potential Trade

99= Highest Priority.

Willing to offer hidden closet and HTPW items for for all things in this list.

# = Values Based on Recent VC boards or Based On Eyas Equation:


This list is empty.

RR'd And Buyables

Items currently available through caps or mall that I want.

Number are average value reports after RR. Subject to change as more data gets reported.

Status: Currently Seeking

This list is empty.
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