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Closet UFT: Made Visable Currently Only for: Hanging Baubles Tree

Some nicer items I'm willing to trade for some other nicer item. This list is UFT for nothing other then whatever item that happens to be. I'll hide it once I make a trade. Values indicate what I value an item at if my value disagrees with the current value guide.

Currently, this list is UFT for: Hanging Baubles Tree

Also available: 900 NC custom

I haven't listed any items valued lower then 2~3 so if there's smaller items your seeking or would like added just tell me what your looking for,

This list is empty.


Some of the more popular or interesting items I have UFT. I don't have any special attachment or trade in mind for most of these, this section is just here to separate them from the main list.

For items marked '99' I'm looking for multiple (at least 2, but more is better) priority wishes to be included or for any wish (in any list) who's highest value is 4 or higher.

Other numbers indicate what I value the item at if my value is different then the current guide (/~waka) or if it doesn't have a listed value.

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Neohome Items Up for Tade

Neohome Items UFT:

Haunted Woods Gazebo Pit (10)

Lutari Island Gazebo (15)

Sparkling Nova Pool (8)

I'm still trying to get value checks on these items so any recent information is appreciated. Otherwise, some JN lists and an old neohome guide /~juingo have listed values and I'll start with those.

If you can offer any of my higher value wishes just let me know which one(s) your interested in, what you have, and if you're looking for some item(s) or GBCs to be included as well. I don't mind lowering the values or adding for an over offer on those.

Otherwise I'm seeking wishes, GBCs, and populars. I'm really not a stickler for the values on these to be honest, thats just the general area they've been trading for in the past.

Note: They have now been removed from the storage shed.

This list is empty.

Trade List

Feel free to neomail me at stefindor_neo if you're interested in trading

**Items marked '99999' are involved in a pending trade and not UFT at the moment.**

This list is empty.

Items Steffindor wants

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Seeking: Higher Value Wishlist

Items I have an interest in that are worth more than any individual item I'm currently willing to trade. I won't make a board or actively search for these if their not on my High Priority list, however I'm always looking for an opportunity to trade for them.

If this list is visible and they're not on my High Priority list, I'm offering only normal tradelist items, smaller poplars from my closet, or potentially GBCs (depending on availability)

Current Priority: Interested all but PMC, unless your after the neohome items.

This list is empty.
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