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Items Steffindor owns

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*An Introduction*

Welcome to my Tradelist and Wishlist! Here you can find items I'm activly trading and seeking.
Current Status: Very Active

Neomail: Open. Feel free to mail me at any time. If I don't respond please send again.
Active During EU Times so there may be some delay when responding to mails due to time zone issues

Box count: 10+
'99999' = Pending Trade; not Seeking or Trading
'99' = VHTPW UFT for Something Specific/High Priority
'#'77=Personal Value; need a VC.
Any other Number= Value based on Value Check Boards.

My normal Tradlist(s) are open for GBC/GBC mix trades and casual trades.
My Highlights are open for wishes primarily unless I'm very low on boxes. Then I'm open to a GBCs mix.

My Closet list is UFT for wishes in my Currently Seeking list, my Agressivly Seeking list, and my Big Ones list.
Some are harder to part with, some I'lll need to replace right away, and some i'm just sorta picky with but not attached to.

But remember: Every item shown is UFT for something outside of the Big Ones list unless indicated otherwise
Everything not UFT is hidden so feel free to offer on my closet list.

Neohome Items UFT:

Sparkling Nova Pool x2

Haunted Woods Gazebo Pit

Lutari Island Gazebo

Darigan Citadel Lava Pit

I'm seeking any wishes, GBCs, and populars. I'm really not a stickler for the values on these to be honest. Values on JN page are just a general refernce. Just tell me what you value them and well go from there.

Note: All but the lava pit and one Nova Pool have been removed from the storage shed.

This list is empty.


HTF, popular, or higher value items that I'm willing to trade for Currently Seeking, hard to find, and high value wishes. Mostly open for any wish marked '99' and Currently Seeking wishes unless marked otherwise.
# = Value based on Value Check Boards
77 = Needs a VC, I may value it slightly higher then Waka based on rarity.
'99'= VHTPW; Seeking at least one HTF or High Value item. Or over offers in custom/wishes depending on the item.

This list is empty.

Easy to Part With: 1~2

For 1 GBC usually. Can do 2:1 BF GBC on many items.

This list is empty.

Easy to Part With: 3~5

Items valued 3+. Would prefer wishes or wish/gbc mix unless low on boxes.

This list is empty.

Tradeable Closet/NC Closet Items UFT (Picky or HTPW)

These are items in my closet that I can trade and/or replace for wishes.

Any number= Value based on recent trades, not same as Wakas listed value. Some items I may need a VC on before I'll trade, though they may not be marked '77'.

'#'77= I know I want a VC on this item but haven't gotten it yet. Number before the 77 is a personal value until I get a VC. Feel free to tell me if you value it diffrently.
This list is empty.

Items Steffindor wants

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**Top Priority**

Current TOP Priorities. Items marked '99' are absolutely uft for trades involving any of these. May be willing to offer from hidden closet or tell me what your seeking and I'll try and Find it/them, Ect.
3=Needed for three way trade for one of the othersValues:

This list is empty.

*High Priority*


Wishes valued 1~2

If an items marked '99999' I have a pending trade and I'm not currently seeking it.

99 = Slightly Higher priority; will move up when I clear out my Currently seeking.

This list is empty.


Wishes valued 4~5

If an items marked '99999' I have a pending trade and I'm not currently seeking it.

99 = Slightly Higher priority; will move up when I clear out my Currently seeking. Am interested in trading for.

This list is empty.
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