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Items Krejdar owns

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1. Info

Last Updated: May 2022

GBCs: Yes

BF GBCs: 0

FQCs: 2

RR Caps: 0

I "value" my items according to ~Waka, DTI uft / seeking Ratios and common sense. If you and I both agree the Trade is fair, I don't see the need to debate/stress over values.

Full disclosure that while I am on daily, I don't always respond to NMs. I have anxiety and telling people no is not my favorite thing. Please accept my silence as a very polite no. However, I'm not the type of Snowflake who cares if you message multiple people on your hunt for said item- I get it, do what you need to do.

I have my closet HIDDEN. Unlike others, I don't see the need in baiting people to my trade list just to see the item is never going to be traded. If its visible its ~possible~ to trade for.

Numbers = for my reference unless otherwise noted

This list is empty.

3. Highlights

Popular / High Value items that I'm not attached to.

Seeking item:item trades only. No GBC or custom.

111_ # = I have in a Gram + quantity

Any other # = for my reference

This list is empty.

4. Casual UFT

Item:Item trades, Custom and GBC'S are all acceptable for these items

111_ # = I have in a Gram + quantity

Any other # = for my reference

This list is empty.


1:1 FQC / 2:1 GBC, Archive or RR Cap / 3:1 BF GBC

Numbers = for my reference to find them

This list is empty.

Items Krejdar wants

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1. GIMME GIMME (TOP Priority)

I want these items above all else. Mostly items needed to complete current customs.

21 = I've seen in a 2:1 sale and would like to trade for similar

55 = pending trade

This list is empty.
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