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Items aleqxi owns

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Before you scroll further...

How I trade:
Regardless of trending/waka values, I may pass on any offer of something I want less than what I'd be trading away.
In return, I 100% respect however you value your items.
I'm also happy to over offer for items I really want.

I respond to all mails, so if you don't get a reply within 24 hours it was probably a glitch, please resend ^_~

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Tags: the main list, unsorted, sorry for the mess

My easier to part with items; but I may be pickier with the few small pops in here
Will browse TLs, may take GBCs/custom depending on my need
5 = Stuck in my NC Collectible Case, not UFT until TNT releases it :c

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Tags: stuff i like more, waka values out the window for some

More HTPW than items of similar value above
9/99 = more emotionally attached
Will browse TLs
5 = Stuck in my NC Collectible Case, not UFT until TNT releases it :c

This list is empty.

More + Most HTPW

Tags: open closet, or things with stories, good luck trying to pry

Everything but those marked 4 here are reserved for 999+ wishes
4 = Will browse TLs, but still extremely picky with these
Will only trade for non 999+ wishes for those marked 4, will not take GBCs/custom for any

This list is empty.


Tags: take, them, all

Seriously, take them
[ 3:1 BF GBC ] or [ 2:1 GBC ] or throw whatever at me

This list is empty.

Items aleqxi wants

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Send me your TL

I'm always looking for new stuff and have hidden WLs!
Particularly love things that are:
1. Obscure and rare
2. Fit one or more of the themes: dark, dingy, creepy, shenkuu, neovian

This list is empty.

*grabby hands*

Tags: i have plans, to clothe my pixel babies

6 = I always have custom (+ all patapult prizes) and usually have GBCs to offer
21 = seen in 2:1 sales, hoping to find them discounted but try me?
999+ = highest priority, may trade from more/most HTPW lists or I'll match whatever your cap price is
9/99 = mid/high priority, may be willing to over offer
no 9's = low priority
I may accept an under offer or still reject a fair/over offer from this list, depending on what you're offering on

This list is empty.
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