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Last Updated:
June 16th, 2024

I don't hop on as much anymore,
so if you neomail me and I don't respond,
please do not be offended.

Tokens I am Seeking/Trading:

Goodie Bags/Cupcakes UFT

2:1 gbc/3:1 bfgbc sale

My Stats
Custom for trade: No
Customs wanted: Yes
GBCs for trade: Yes
GBCs wanted: Yes
D/SSS for trade: Yes
D/SSS wanted: Yes
Dyepots for trade: Yes
Dyepots wanted: No

This list is empty.


Not uft for custom/gbcs
# is quantity

This list is empty.


UFT for anything including wishes and custom/gbcs
# is quantity

This list is empty.

Items ohitsjenny wants

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