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0. updated june 15, 2019

real life keeps me busy, but i will still try to respond to your message. ♥
always interested in 2:1 GBC/cookie trades for my smaller wishes, so send me your list! :)

GBCs: 13 // gift boxes: 46 // lots of cookies, dye pots, etc.

sorry, but i won't reply to GBC offers since it's stated in every section that i'm not seeking them.

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1. closet items

everything being used in permanent customizations. might trade certain items for larger priority wishes. :)
not seeking GBCs for any item, thanks!

This list is empty.

2. for trade

number is quantity.
not seeking GBCs for any item, thanks!

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Items thenirnroot wants

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3. actively seeking: wishlist

looking for these to complete customizations
numbers are approximate cap value for my reference, based on guides and my own opinion.

i can offer higher value items from my TL/closet and filler items/GBCs/etc. for the larger wishes. :)

This list is empty.

4a. low-priority: backgrounds

not actively seeking these unless part of a 2:1 trade.

This list is empty.

4b. low priority: the list that never gets smaller

if i see it and like it, i add it! :D
from this list, i am only interested in 2:1 GBC/cookie trades for the smaller items.
feel free to send me your trade list if you're seeking those.

This list is empty.
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