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Hi! A few miscellaneous notes:

-Numbers are numbers, not values.
-I can be flexible with values for the right trade.
-If it's visible, it's tradeable. My closet is hidden.

I have the following NC UC tokens UFT:
Nostalgic Jelly Blumaroo
Nostalgic Darigan Peophin
Nostalgic Robot Uni

I have the following old caps UFT as well:
Bohemian Dots Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Cutie Pie Weewoo Gift Box Mystery Capsule (BFGBC)
Dreamy Gingerbread Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Falling Clovers Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Finger Painted Hearts Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Flower Power Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Friendly Feepit Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Munching Meepits Gift Box Mystery Capsule (BFGBC)
NC Mall 9th Birthday Mystery Capsule
Sundial Shine Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Wood Crafted Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Other non-wearables UFT:
9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake
10th Birthday Black & White Cupcake
10th Birthday Golden Cupcake
10th Birthday Crowned Cupcake
12th Birthday Garden Party Cupcake
13th Birthday Whimsical Cupcake
Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
Classic Magical Negg
Earthy Magical Negg
Floating in Love Valentine Goodie Bag
Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Neopets 24th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Romantic Roses Valentine Goodie Bag
Sprouting Flower Magical Negg
Sunrise Magical Negg

This list is empty.

**Up for Trade**

My primary UFT list glitched and got erased. I'm working on re-entering everything. In the meantime-- please NM me if you have any of my wishes, I have more items UFT.

This list is empty.

*2:1 List*


HTPW does not mean I won't trade them, just means they're a little harder to let go of!

This list is empty.

Items emilianya wants

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**High Priority**

Casual trades

I don't have any customs in mind with these items but I think they're pretty and would love to have them in my closet!

Will probably trade my Highlights and maybe my HTPW for these-- try me!

This list is empty.

For my sister

I'm helping my sister find a few items. Happy to trade from my regular TL and possibly my HTPW for these!

This list is empty.
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