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thanks for checking out my items! I’m online almost daily and I try my best to update my items as I trade them, but sometimes I make a new custom or make a trade and forget to swap items around so forgive me if the item you’re after is unavailable. I’ve only been trading since late Feb 2023 so I don’t have a ton to offer, but love to trade and even gift when I’m able! Please don’t hesitate to mail me if you’d like anything C:

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2:1 sale

2:1 for GBC :D

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these are for trade but I’m iffy about them, pry them from me!

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NC closet items!

NC items in my closet that I’m not using at the moment and would maybe trade. Most of these I have future plans for though so I’m sorry if I decline a fair offer!

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regular UFT list

regular shmegular trades C:

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

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items needed for PhiIIiip

“I just think they’re neat!”

insert picture of Marge Simpson holding potato

Items of lower priority that I still want, I just don’t have exact plans for them.

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