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.0. Hello! .0.

hello and welcome to my list! neomails are open.

below you'll find an organized cap sale followed by my htpw. all items in the cap sale are uft for gbc (or maybe some other custom) and my wishes!

please inquire if interested in htpw items but i get attached and may have trouble trading them away.

This list is empty.

.a. * Soon to Retire Hoard 2 ~

--- Retiring Nov. 31? ---

100 = 0, need to buy

Unless I do not like the item, any items that appear here or in the hoard are in addition to those in my closet.

This list is empty.

1 cap

This list is empty.

4 cap

This list is empty.

e. htpw

These items are UFT but I do love them so please know I may reject a perfectly fair offer. I am less likely to trade these items for GBCs or custom.

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2. Low Priority

This list is empty.
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