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! Hello :)

I follow ~waka for values. I accept GBC’s, Mystery Capsules, Cookies & Dyepots but I prefer trading for wearables. Please don’t be offended if I pass on your offer.

Feel free to neomail me on Neopets or msg/tag me on Facebook.

Updated March 18th

99 means it is HTPW
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Current Dyeworks items. You can borrow two for 1 GBC or 1 for 1 Dyepot or small wish. Please return promptly. Thanks :)

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General UFT


Holiday Ornament Wreath
Sprouting Flower Magical Negg
Mosaic Magical Negg
Sparkly Magical Negg

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Items Lilmisse wants

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1. Top Priority

I am desperately seeking these and am willing to offer my TL, GBCs and possibly custom for these items.

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3 Mid Level Priority

Things I’m casually seeking for future customs and pets I haven’t created yet.

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Items for my Main Gallery

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Dress to Impress
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