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We're making this announcement in response to concerns that DTI may have been used to mint the recent Neopets NFTs.
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Items mahinawai owns

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(Updated 7 January 2022)
I decided to split my page into TWO pages. My private closets are on my old cupcakebakery page.
You may have come from there!
All trading will be thru this page! Thank you for coming by!

Please note! CUPCAKEBAKERY is my ONLY account!
My non-wearable trades are located:

This list is empty.

3. 2-3 GBCs Please

The # indicates the value I place on each item.
Offers of BF GBCs, GBCs, Archive & Upcycle Cookies and Wishes are all happily accepted!
My values do not always follow the guides!

This list is empty.

4. A GBC/NC Upcycle or Archive Cookie Please!

BF GBCs, GBCs, Archive and Upcycle Cookies are accepted as trading 1:1. Feel free to ask about Mystery Capsules as well, because I love those too, and would likely accept those 1:1 for anything on this list!
I of course also will offer any of these towards/for any of my wishes.
(Any # here is a Quantity NOT a Value!!)

This list is empty.

6. New & Old Dyeworks

This is a "catch-all" section for all dyeworks I have for trade.
Any offers of BF GBCs, GBCs, MCs, Archive & Upcycle Cookies, and/or wish item/s will be considered!
I've been trying to figure out a "working value system..." So work with me here!
No Number? = I've not seen a value board post RR release... (Jan 6, 2022)
12= Value is 1-2, Quantity 1
2= Value is 2, Quantity 1
125= Value is 1-2, Quantity 5
1012= Value is 10-12, Quantity 1
Got it? I hope so! If you have questions, feel free to mail me!

This list is empty.

8. 2For1 or 3For1 Section

A Combination of current buyables and variety of retired items.
In this section you get TWO CHOICES!
Choose from: 2For1 (GBC that gives the base of 2 boxes).
Or choose: 3For1 (BF GBC that gives a base of 4 boxes).
(Any # here is a Quantity NOT a Value!!)

This list is empty.

A. Pending

All items heading off are found here!
Lulu Wig on hold for Cyan (~6-7 custom) Jan13

This list is empty.

Items mahinawai wants

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***Hello Lovies!***

For some of these wishes I can offer my hidden closets, so if you have them, tell me what they might be, how you value them, and show me your wish list, and I'll see what I have!

I may or may not have custom at any given time. I am under a very strict budget living on disability so though I do have 'fun money' I don't always choose to spend it here, but on art supplies instead!

This list is empty.

6. Obtainable Dreams

I also have just about a hundred items with reverse ratios here on dti, or are UFT by very few NCCers. These are tucked into another list that I can definitely check into. And of course I have my "9. Visible Closet" and the rest of my closet. So PLEASE!! SHOW ME YOUR WISHLIST!!

This list is empty.
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