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Items mahinawai owns

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(Updated 10 September 2022)
Animal Crossing New Horizons
I am slowly going thru and updating my values... Tho I have to tell you I do not agree with ~owls/~owlstwo on many values... and on what seems like at least 65% of my items they still after a year do not have values for them.... I find this deeply disturbing to be honest... I am more than willing to discuss and work with you on values.

Please note! CUPCAKEBAKERY is my ONLY account!
I will never write to you from another account.
My non-wearable trades are located:

This list is empty.

1. Highlight Offerings

These items are only UFT for wishes at this time!
The # is approximate value~ I do not always follow new/old guides. I try to pay attention to boards, and general chatter... I am not perfect! If you'd like to trade, but feel an item should be valued +/- feel free to let me know, I'm always open to discussions!
Please note: These may not always be the most valuable in number, but to me they might be priceless!

This list is empty.

3. 2-4 GBCs Please

The # indicates the value I place on each item.
Offers of BF GBCs, GBCs, Upcycle/Lab Cookies (+ Sometimes RR Caps and Other Specialty Mall Items) and Wishes are all happily accepted!
My values do not always follow the guides!

This list is empty.

4. A BF/GBC, GBCs or an Upcycle/Lab Cookie Please?

BF GBCs, GBCs, Cookies (Upcycle/Lab and sometimes I might accept Archive), RR Caps + Random Other Mall Caps are all accepted as 1:1.

I of course also will offer any of these towards/for any of my wishes.
(Any # here is a Quantity NOT a Value!!)

Please Note: I no longer do 2:1/3:1/4:1, please do not ask!

This list is empty.

9. New & Old Dyeworks

This is a "catch-all" section for all dyeworks I have for trade.
Any offers of BF GBCs, GBCs, MCs, Archive & Upcycle Cookies, and/or wish item/s will be considered!
Updated July 17,2022
I don't care what these are worth, just give me a value of ~1 please...

This list is empty.

A. Pending

All items heading off are found here!

This list is empty.

Items mahinawai wants

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***Hello Lovies!***

I am always seeking bf gbcs, gbcs, mystery capsules, and a variety of cookies... and sometimes new nc mall items. I am also sometimes willing to look at trade lists or trade for pops.
Feel free to mail me, I respond to everyone... however I do have wonky mail, so if you don't hear from me, mail me again! Thanks....

This list is empty.

1.3 Pumpkin Picking RR Cap Wishes

2. Medium High Wishes

3. Gothic Needs

Yes, I have them.
And some are totally unobtainable right now, but shrugs this is where they belong!

This list is empty.
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