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**Check This Out! New Message!**

Please note! CUPCAKEBAKERY is my MAIN account!

I will NEVER write to you from another account.

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3. Clearance List

no regular buyables
KQ Token, Basics, Current Dyeworks and some current special cap items may however be included in this list...

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4. Various Grams UFT

Old Grams UFT
Berry Cute Chocolate Sweetheart Gram x1
^(Contains the LE Background)
Love is Undead Sweetheart Gram x10
Magical Valentine Sweetheart Gram x4
Teddy Bear Sweetheart Gram x1

(Check out to see what each one has inside!)

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Items mahinawai wants

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***Hello Lovies!***

Feel free to mail me, I respond to everyone... even if you have ignored me before!! However I DO have wonky mail, so if you don't hear from me, mail me again!!
I am GMT -5. I am on and off every day.
Also seeking Fae Usul Token!
Also seeking all current capsules!

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1.3 Current Dye Wishes + Their Originals I'm Seeking

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Dress to Impress
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